In-store Feedback

If you are in the business of retail, customer feedback is your master key to success. Whether products and/or services, the Insight Heroes dashboard is deployed at the point of delivery – so you can gather the freshest consumer feedback to act upon in a jiffy. From restaurants and hospitals to automobile dealerships, Insight Heroes can be adopted to millions of endpoints. Simply download, install, and send complex questionnaires across devices.


Rich Content

It ensures that you show your respondents pictures, makes them listen to songs, or watch videos before they can provide valuable inputs.

Devices Management

Manage devices easily through the Insight Heroes dashboard. Monitor and track vitals such as version history, battery, location, and device movement.

Insight Heroes ensures that all your devices are updated quickly and efficiently with the latest questionnaires. Our packages include tablet, application, survey management, and customisation at an unbelievable monthly price. Have more than 100 deployments? Get in touch.

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