Reseller Program

Help us change the face of analysis

Insight Heroes represents a huge shift in the way market research is going to evolve. As such, we are looking for dynamic individuals and companies from across the world to help us take this revolutionary platform to each and every corner of the Earth. We want the best and brightest to come on board with us; the Insight Heroes Reseller Program highlights our attitude and commitment to all our customers and channel members.

Alliance Benefits

  1. Hands-on support and training for Insight Heroes
  2. Consistent income generation for your customers
  3. Instant support to ensure your customers are always satisfied
  4. The unique opportunity to help contribute towards the development of IH, and in so doing, play your own part in the IH journey


We love people who care about their products and customers as much as we do.

Our sign up fee is minimal and easily recoverable within a couple of months. Other than that, as long as you complete the training and keep yourself up to date with product releases and service changes, you are welcome to be our reseller.

IH is a truly global product for a global audience that simultaneously has the power to be customizable for niche markets. We encourage people with diverse and varied backgrounds to participate in our reseller program.

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